Rubbing shoulders (well almost ) with McEnroe and Henman at Wimbeldon 2009

Me, Lorraine, Kaj and Wendy or as Kaj likes to call us “The Riff-Raffs”

Henman Hill / Murray Mount,
Wimbeldon Lawn Tennis Championships 2009
At The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, Wimbeldon

Wimbeldon 2009

Wimbeldon 2009

01 July 2009

Ticket price?
Managed to get in for only £5, an absolute bargain

Wimbeldon Queue card and ticket

Wimbeldon Queue card and ticket

Pimm’s and Strawberries of course

Strawberries and Pimm's anyone?

Strawberries and Pimm's anyone?

Who were playing?
Quarter Final match between Lleyton Hewitt and Andy Roddick

On Henman hill/Murray mount, watching Hewitt serve

On Henman hill, watching Hewitt serve

£2 bet between me and Wendy on me winning the bet if Roddick wins and Wendy winning the bet if Hewitt did

Who won?
Roddick and me 🙂

Highlight of the day?
After the end of the match as we were making our way out, we saw Tim Henman and John McEnroe being interviewed live on the balcony of the building right in front of us. Kaj sensing a photo opportunity, shouted at McEnroe the infamous lines “You cannot be serious, John”… McEnroe and Henman were both distracted by Kaj heckling John that they turned and waved down at us. Kaj was too starstruck waving at McEnroe that she forgot to take a pic. But she managed to take a pic of Henman waving at us

Henman and McEnroe on the balcony giving an interview

Henman and McEnroe on the balcony giving an interview

Henman waving at us

Henman waving at us

All the bars and restaurants in the Wimbeldon “Vill-aaj” was packed but we managed to find a really nice looking bar called “The Common Room”

Couldn’t have been any better, everything from the weather, the Pimm’s and strawberries, the company and even the tennis was perfect

Would I do it again?

Hell yeah, but would love to get my hands on “Centre court” tickets next time

Centre Court

Centre Court


3 thoughts on “Rubbing shoulders (well almost ) with McEnroe and Henman at Wimbeldon 2009

  1. Gaia says:

    Hi Niro,

    I came across your account on Twitter, I’m not sure why, but I followed it to this blog…and (again, not entirely sure why I’m asking but…) I’m wondering why this outlet you use to showcase tech talk and poetry about the pass-times of the young 20-something is not put to better use. I’m assuming from your name that you are a Tamil. And, though you don’t have to be a crusader, this blog is an excellent opportunity to educate your readers about your people’s plight. In your blog I see pictures of European artwork, I see poetry, I see culture, but you’re missing the crucial component of heritage that is the foundation of a person’s identity.

    I realize I risk coming off as insane. I’m a stranger from another continent who knows very little about you, writing to you and saying be more than just a Brit, don’t forget where you come from. I know it sounds crazy, and I’m not at all sure what compelled me to do it, but I cannot help but hope you’ll consider it and put your obvious talent to good use.


    • Hey Gaia,

      Your name is befitting as the Gaia (the Greek goddess of Earth) philosophy states that we all influence our environment by everything we do…..!

      I sent you an email reply to your comment, but it bounced back, so drop me a line and I will forward my reply.

      – N

  2. Gaia says:

    Hey Niro,

    I appreciate the time you took to respond to my knee-jerk reaction post earlier. I hope I haven’t offended at all. My apologies for the e-mail address, but I’ve left another account here. I look forward to reading your reply.

    – G

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