Warming Up before a workout

In my blogpost yesterday, on My 10 Weighlifting tips and Techniques, I emphasized the importance of incorporating a proper warmup before any workout session. A warmup not only helps to prepare your body physically for working out but also prepares it mentally.

I start of my warmup with some dynamic stretching followed by around 3-4 minutes on the treadmill to raise my core body temperature and then last but not least workout specific warmups. My warmup takes about 10 minutes in total. So what is dynamic stretching you ask, well simply put it is taking static stretching that you normally do at the end of a workout while cooling down and adding some motion to it.

Dynamic stretching uses speed of movement, momentum and active muscular effort to bring about a stretch . Unlike static stretching the end position is not held. Dynamic stretching is similar to ballistic stretching except that it avoids bouncing motions and tends to incorporate more sport-specific movements.

Below are a few good videos demonstrating dynamic stretching that you can incorporate in your warm ups.

Dynamic stretches before a workout

Dynamic Stretching for Runners


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