Solid Back workout

When was the last time you checked your back out, well most people would not remember. Since you can’t see your back you tend to forget about it during workouts. But a strong back shapes your physique and also helps to prevent injury.

If you concentrate purely on the front muscles like your chest and front shoulders, you are at a risk of causing a muscle imbalance and end up looking grotesquely hunched as your shoulders are pulled forward.

Below is a list of Back workouts that I do once a week. I tend to do 4 sets of each exercise with the first set being a warm-up set of around 15-20 reps with a light. The other 3 sets consists of 10 reps each with a 2 minute break between each set.

Chin Ups / Pull Ups

Not only does this workout your back, it also works out your triceps, shoulders, chest, and abs (depending on how you do them). This is a very difficult workout because you have to pick up your own body weight.The difference between a chin up and a pull up is the way your palms face you. In a chin up, the palms of your hand face towards you and you work your biceps out at the same time, in a pull up your palms face away from you.

  • Start by grabbing a pull up bar with your hands a little more then shoulder width apart.
  • Hang on there while letting your lats stretch. Now pull yourself up while arching your back just a little bit.
  • Hold yourself up there for a few seconds with your chin over the bar. Now go back down to starting position. Repeat.


Dead lifting is probably the best back workout you can do. Thats because it works out the spinal erectors, lats, trapezius, quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks, hips, and forearms.

  • Start by standing in front of a barbell with your legs close to the barbell.
  • Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Now grab the bar with your hands a little bit more then your shoulder width.
  • Now keeping your arms straight, bend your legs at the same time as flattening your back. Position yourself some what like doing a squat.
  • Now pick the barbell off the floor by straightening your legs and torso. Pull your shoulders back and then lower the bar back to the floor.

Wide Grip Pulldowns to the Front

This exercise works the upper back muscles to widen the upper lats.

  • Grip bar on the wide bend.
  • Arch your back.
  • Pulldown to mid chest, sqeeze shoulder blades together.

Pulldowns Behind The Neck

This exercise works the upper back muscles for width as well as thickness.

  • Grip bar on the wide bend.
  • Tilt your head forward and pulldown to top of the trap muscles.
  • Sqeeze shoulder blades together and full stretch at top.

Reverse Grip Pulldowns

This exercise works the lower lats for both shape and thickness.

  • Grip bar with elbows tucked in .
  • Close to body arch back pulldown to bottom of chest.
  • Squeeze shoulders together full stretch at top.

Seated Cable Rows

This exercise works the upper and lower lats as well as inner muscles lower trap / lumbar.

  • Grip the bar with elbows tucked in.
  • Row back to lower abs
  • Be sure to arch but dont lean back too far then full stretch all the forward.

Bentover Barbell Rows

This execise works entire back, upper, lower and middle.

  • With a barbell, chose desired weight.
  • Begin with shoulder width grip.
  • Bend over, arch back, bend knees slightly, row bar into lower abdomal area.
  • Squeeze shoulders together, full stretch at bottom.

T-Bar Rows

This exercise works entire lats width and thickness.

  • On the T-bar machine, exercise is performed the same as bent over rows.
  • Use a wide or narrow grip,row bottom of pecs.
  • Squeeze at top with full stretch at bottom.

Machine Pullovers

This exercise works the entire lat area, top to bottom,front to back.

  • Begin by adjusting seat to where shoulders are even with pivot points on machine.
  • Place hands on bar over head.
  • Pull bar all the way down to abdominals and sqeeze.
  • Release all the way up for a full stretch.


  • Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and grab a dumbbell in each hand. Your back should remain straight throughout the movement.
  • Hold each dumbbell at your side with your palms facing inward.
  • Raise dumbbells as high as possible using only your trapezius muscles. Your arms and legs should not assist in the lift. Envision trying to touch the bottom of your ears with your trapezius muscles. Squeeze for a count of one.
  • Lower the dumbbells toward the starting position in a slow and controlled manner. This is considered one repetition.

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