Bullfighting role reversals

Came across this picture today and felt it was very poignant. In this day and age, how is it that bullfighting which is a despicable blood sport, still allowed to be legal in Mexico, Spain, France, Portugal, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, and Ecuador?

The object of bullfighting is for the bullfighter (matador) to “conquer and kill the bull with a swift clean kill by placing a sword in a coin-sized area between the bull’s shoulders.” Advocates of bullfighting argue that if the matador aims correctly, the animal dies in a matter of seconds. This type of quick, clean death, however, is not the norm. In most cases, the matador misses the target, injuring the bull’s lungs and bronchial tubes, causing blood to flow and bubble through the animal’s mouth and nose. Causing the poor animal to suffer till it’s last breath.

What many people might not know is that there is an Indian (Tamil Nadu) style of bull fighting known as Jallikattu. Technically, it is more bull taming sport than bull fighting. In Jallikattu, the bull is not killed and the ‘matadors’ do not use any weapons. This sport is also known as “Manju Virattu”, meaning “chasing the bull”. Maybe the other bull fighting countries should adopt this style instead of killing the bulls in the end.

Bullfighting - By-Your-

Bullfight by BY-YOUR-


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