My favourite football adverts

With the Football World Cup 2010 not too far way, marketing agency creatives all around the world would have already created football themed adverts to push almost everything at us from toilet rolls to kegs of beer, while we watch the beautiful game. I have loved a number of football adverts over the year, so thought I had pool all my favourite ones into one place. I will keep adding more adverts to this blog post.

Nike Secret Tournament and the Rematch
This has to be my most favourite football advert of all time. In this ad, Cantona hosts a secret three-a-side cage football where he utters his second most famous quote “There is one rule. First goal wins. With Elvis’s A little less conversation remixed by JXL playing in the background, this has to be my my most favourite football advert ever.

The advert was so popular Nike made a sequel ad called the Secret tournament rematch though it probably doesn’t have the same flair as the original.

Pepsi FC vs Sumo FC

Definitely one of the funniest football adverts that also drives a moral message “Never judge a book by it’s cover. No prize for guessing who wins.

Nike FC vs Satan FC

In the Nike ad, Nike sponsored football stars take on the Devil and his team in one of those classic “good versus evil” encounters. Paolo Maldini provide the comedy cue when he suggests “Maybe they’re friendly?” suggests Paolo Maldini. Good triumphs over evil with a fireball shot from the ever cool Cantona.

Carlsberg and Ireland take on the World (Carlsberg Dreams)

Carlsberg are “probably the best” at anything they do and this is probably the best advert ever made. Ireland win the World Cup even beating England along the way.


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