It’s okay to hug / be hugged by other grown men.

I love hugs as long as they are from the opposite sex, which raises the question is it okay to be hugged by other men? Well, the post below (via you’re a grown man) will definitely raise a few eyebrows. Funny yet interesting read!

it's okay to hug/be hugged by other grown men. I work with a guy who cringes every time I try giving him a hug. Granted, I’m hugging him because I take great joy in his public discomfort, but that’s beside the point. The question is, why have guys gotten so weird about hugging? Grown Man, I don’t want everyone around me to think I’m gay! First, nobody thinks that and, furthermore, why would you think that? Really, stop and ponder this. If you saw two guys in a quick embrace, would you think, … Read More

via you’re a grown man


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