Boxing instructional videos: Basics

Got back into boxing recently, definitely one of the best cardiovascular sports around. It increases your stamina, speed, strength and coordination. Below are a collection of instructional videos showcasing basic Boxing skills from Dennythetrainer who has the best training videos on YouTube by far.

Lesson 1 – Learn the first 4 essential lessons in boxing

Learn the essentials on how to get into the boxing stance, take on the defense position and throw the jab and right cross.

Lesson 2 – Learn How To Put On Hand Wraps

Protect your hands by putting on Hand Wraps. Here is the correct way to put them on if you are a beginner.

Lesson 3 – Learn to throw the perfect Jab and Right Cross

The jab is the most thrown punch in a boxing match and in boxing training. The jab – right cross combination is the most common combination. Watch the demonstrations on how the punches should be thrown

Lesson 4 – Learn a cool combo -Double Jab & Right X

Double jab Right Cross is a classic combination used by successful boxers in the boxing match. With a solid, efficient double followed by a bone crunching right hand combination, you can be sure your opponent will be on the back foot. Dennythetrainer demonstrates this punch, whilst in the bush of Australia. Just proving, boxing training can be performed anywhere. Perfect this combination and you will be able to take on the best in the world – you will be the champion!

Lesson 5 – Learn to throw a killer Left Hook

Learn the secret to throwing a killer left hook. Dennythetrainer explains the method of throwing this mighty left hook punch which has been the key to many boxers successes over the years.

Lesson 6 – Learn the Art of Skipping

Dennythetrainer demonstrates that skipping is one of the best exercises for warming up, cooling down and when you are good at it as a great workout on its own.

Lesson 7 – Learn how to throw perfect Upper Cuts

Learn how to throw uppercuts to the body and head as Dennythetrainer takes you step by step and finishes with a demo. Do this one right and you are going to have another set of knockout puncher to your already wealthy array.

Lesson 8 – Learn how to Shadow Box and be an agile, sharp, flexible, fast, accurate boxer.

Dennythetrainer teaches you foot work, punching techniques and how you can improve posture, agility and flexibility whilst doing shadow boxing training. Shadow boxing can be used as a warm up exercise or a cool down exercise.

Boxing image source – Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games’


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