Boxing instructional videos: Heavybag training

Heavy bags are one of the most important tools in boxing. Regular practice on the heavy bag aids to increase speed, power and efficiency of movement when punching. A common heavy bag workout consists of three or four rounds on the bag. The timing of the rounds vary between 2-minutes for amateurs and 3-minutes for professionals. Rest in between rounds can vary from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Length of the rounds can be increased to over-condition the fighter for a traditional round, i.e, 3 minute heavy bag round training for a traditional 2-minute round fight.

Below are a collection of instructional videos showcasing basic Heavybag training skills from Dennythetrainer who has the best training videos on YouTube by far.

Heavy Bag Training: 3×1 minute workout

In this video you can see how effective the left jab, right cross, left and right hooks and uppercuts are all used in these videos. Learn how to work on the bag just like a champion boxer.

Heavy Bag Training: 2 Minute Workouts

The intensity is raised and Wayne demonstrates how to use the heave bag effectively. Jabs, right crosses and uppercuts and hooks are unleashed with ferocity of an animal.

Below are videos showcasing a three round heavy bag workout.

Heavy Bag Round 1

Heavy Bag Round 2

Heavy Bag Round 3

Punching heavy bag image source – sponng


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