Moor Park 10K (Time: 00:59:08)

I have to confess, I have been pretty bad with training this year, probably the worst I have been in years. I can actually feel the loss in stamina and the gain in flab, not a pretty sight at all. I did not take part in any 10K this year either and with the end of 2011 not so far away, I needed to complete a 10K. I was driving to my Fiancee’s house the other day and saw this big banner up for the Moor Park 10K, it was like it was placed there intentionally for me to see.

This event is based at Merchant Taylors’ School and the route begins and ends with a lap of the school playing fields. It is the biggest annual event organised by the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre and every penny raised goes directly towards the provision of the LJMC’s services of support and information for people affected by cancer.

This route has a total climb of 78 metres. Taking this into account, this route is equivalent to running approximately 6.8 miles on the flat. So no chance was I ever going to beat my personal best of 49:30 here. With absolute lack of training, I came to the race today hoping and praying that I complete the track in under an hour.

There were a huge number of starters, with me being in the back, the first couple of 100 metres went very slow trying to avoid other runners in my way. The flat ground was fairly easy, but the 1Km marker was nowhere to be seen, but then all of a sudden I came across the 2Km at 7 mins, no way was I running that fast. Then we proceeded to leave the school grounds and hit the infamous hill at Moor Park Golf Club, at this point my lack of training was completely visible or should I say audible, my heavy brething drowned out the cows mooing in the background. I ended up walking up the hill while some brave souls soldiered up it without even wincing once. Eventually managed to find my pace, but after a few more start and stops, I knew any chance of  beating my personal best was nigh impossible. As I ran to the finish line, I could see the clock tick to 00:59:00, so I legged it and crossed the line at 00:59:08. I fell to the ground in a pile of mess, with an expected embarassing time, but found solace in the fact that I did complete the 10K and that too in under an hour.

Lesson of the day – Train, train, train!!!


One thought on “Moor Park 10K (Time: 00:59:08)

  1. Yas says:

    Congrats bro wasn’t a bad timing at all you still under 1 hour.

    I can never do this any more running is history for me though I would wanna give a shot, but any day you can beat me 😉

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