Moor Park 10K 2012 (Time – 01:03:28)

Following my car accident, my lower back has been a killer; I have been unable to go the gym or run. With absolutely no training I decided not to run the Moor Park 10K race that I had pre-booked. But today morning as I went to church, the sign at the front of the church had an inspirational quote from former 400m Olympic champion Michael Johnson, it read “As strong as my legs are, it is my mind that has made me a champion.”

I decided not to let my injury keep me down and went ahead with the race. I was going to complete the course even if I had to walk it and that is pretty much what I did for most parts of the course. I could feel the severe back pain kick in as I went around the course but my mind just kept screaming “Keep going you can do this!!!” Crossing the finishing line was an amazing feeling, possibly clocked my worst 10k time but definitely the best 10K race I have ever run/walked. Till next year Moor Park, I will be back!!

Crossing the Moor park 10K finishing line

Crossing the Moor park 10K finishing line


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